How an 80 year old volunteer

changed Nadia’s life forever

Eleanora Fraser, is one of our less young volunteers. In her eighties she has been one of our most enthusiastic and committed volunteers for more than a decade. She has sung the praises of e’Pap to all who would listen to her, as she has witnessed firsthand the difference it has made to the children in her Pre-school Willow Tree, on a Pine plantation outside Knysna. She travelled out there regularly in her little Smart car, negotiating the humps and bumps, delivering e’Pap, motivating the teachers and loving the children.

One morning whilst enjoying a cup of coffee and carrot cake at a local restaurant The Shepherd’s Tree, Eleanora complimented the chef on the delicious carrot cake and then asked her if she wanted to do that for the rest of her life. The chef, Nadia Kamfer, replied that what she wanted more than anything was to become a teacher but finances precluded her from doing this.

Eleanora suggested she contact us at e’Pap to see if we could provide a bursary for her. Because of our donors’ generosity, we were able to provide a bursary. In 2019 Nadia completed her three year training with flying colours. Today she is the Principal of a lovely, well run school in Hornlee.

Nadia receiving her teaching diploma.

Today Nadia is the Principal of a lovely, well run school in Hornlee. relayed this story to me recently as she wanted to know how she could get in touch with Eleanora to say “thank you”. Countless children are now being blessed because of these two special ladies.

The whole course of Nadia's life has been changed by one small deed of kindness and the caring attitude of one of our volunteers. Never ever underestimate how much good can come from a kind thought and deed.


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